Filmy Fiction

Filmy Fiction is an entertainment Channel which focuses on entertaining its audience through fictional content. Their aim at telling new and fresh stories with utmost technical efficiency.

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When we have taken the project client only have 1,000 Subscriber and 3,000 views. Our First Aim is to Reach 2 lakh views in 15 Days and bring video in Trending.

The Strategy

Now a days everyone wan't to get there video in trending but it's not easy task, Our client demand is to get this Pyar ka Fever in Trending in 24 hour. when we have reched to goal of 2 lakh views in 15 days and 10,000 subscriber we have started with google Videos and and started tensing it on Twitter and facebook as well. By the help of that we got our video trending in 24 hour
Current Channel Views as on 27/07/2018


Right from Filmy Fiction to ranking it on the Trending Video on Youtube, everything was implemented by Dotflix Team. After continuous promotion on google,facebook,twitter. Started Trending on Youtube after 24 hour
Screenshot on 1/13/2018

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